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Trying And Truly Becoming A Designer

Fashion Designer

When you hear the word “designer” suddenly in the phrases “tee-shirt designer”, “silk designer” and “sweat shop”, you instantly think of Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and a Who’s Who of the fashion industry. It is much more than just clothing, though clothing is what really makes and creates the designer – at least for some – fortune.

The term itself can be a source of something like a confidence atmosphere, inspire and motivate people to rise from their usual roles and take a bows, when all these roles have been traditionally dominated by men.

In reality though, women have been and are still, leaders in the fashion industry. It is true that women want to wear less designer stuff, but the really top brands like Louis Vuitton, packages them with different and bigger stuff, since women like to match their outfits and have different accessories with their different looks.

Pay a designer

It’s easy to become a designer if you have enough funds and know where you are going. The opportunities may crop up semi- va Burning Man, go to business school in a Polytechnic Institute, impress your uncle or go to New York to work for a fashion company as a stylist or designer. Real, one of a kind and amazing fashion houses exist only in Hollywood. No, I’m not crazy, it’s very true. Some of the top high brow gurus in the fashion world own such lifestyles.

Venturing into the fashion industry is not just aimentary act to your normal life, but it is also about making your own style. The only part of this adventure that is sometimes questionable is that you are thrust into the inner circle of fashion elite and must somehow learn to keep the extra step that they offer.

Good fashion takes a lot of guts and a lot of personality. While it is true that if you work hard and make enough mouthwash for your friends like what the celebrities do, it is all going to spell sheer inspiration and sheer talent.

Learn to mix and match your clothing

It’s always important to feel and look good, while feeling that you look good in your outfit; unfortunately, most of the girls don’t. The key, however, is to know how to mix and match your clothes, since to do this you have to get some colorful and inspiring dressing sense.

Double denim is definitely a big hit in the run way this season; it has some amazing effects when you wear it (like if you mix various shades of blue). According to some of the rants and reviews about it, it may look like the jeans are sewn from another cloth, but the truth is the denim is actually being treated like any other cloth with boring side stitches. If you are into denim patches, then you should know that the patching options are way more exciting this season.

Experiment with patterns

There are some amazing patterns in fashion this year, so no matter whether you like geometric shapes, or animal prints, or even Disney prints. These patterns are available in almost everything, so it is relatively easy to find the right clothes that fit your style.

No matter whether you are interested in hats, scarves, belts, shoes or even hair accessories, there will inevitably be something to please you. No wonder girls are ready to have some fun this year. Fun and excitement should be a part of your life and for your fashion style. All you need to do is find a store that offers the best designs. Matching clothes is in itself a huge category, so finding the right one left out of your comfort zone shouldn’t be that hard. Fashion is not all about keeping up with the latest trends, it is more about having the right style for you.

Just like with clothes, you want something that can be as many people’s drawn by as your outfit for different occasions. The comfortable thing about t-shirt is that no matter how flashy or interesting its design is, it still needs to look good and feel comfortable.

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